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Oh, hey there ( ゚ Д゚)

I just shove random stuff here that I've done to let y'all know I'm still alive, most of my artwork isn't up here.

Try to keep an open mind. It’s hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen :la:



Just thought I'd do a quick life update, I've been so inactive on dA haha I figured posting a journal would be good :la:

SO HOW ARE Y'ALL? :heart: :la:


I think a lot has changed since my last *actual* update which was in December last year ahahaha :3

I haven't really had the time to work on my own artwork to put on dA but I have improved loads! I think anyway.

I've been working on loads of A level work but I can't upload any of it until I've submitted it and got it marked- so you can't really see how I've improved... yet.
I've actually learnt loads from A level art, it's incredible (hence why none of my GCSE work is here, 'cause it's so damn hideous) :la: ... which brings me to...

Art discoveries:

Please bear in mind that I'm not an expert with this art stuff. Don't judge me.
  1. I can use Promarkers! I've discovered that these alcoholic pens are totally awesome to blend with and I can actually kinda make people look *alive* when I'm drawing them :meow: So while y'all are out there drinking alcohol and partying and having friends, I'll be drawing with the very substance you drink (well not exactly, I'm pretty sure you die if you drink colours)
    • Colouring pencils... I've gone through several successful and unsuccessful attempts with colouring pencils and I've kinda avoided them for ages... until now where I've discovered that I can actually draw with them if the quality is good (which sounds like an obvious thing to realise, but y'all gotta realise that I'm really slow with this stuff okay, no-one has taught me art knowledge, I'm kinda discovering it in fragments)
      • PASTELS ARE STILL DUMB... well they're not, I just like insulting things that scare me.
        • I can use watercolours now! Well, not really, I'm just less scared of using them now :meow:
          • Mechanical pencils: I can't live without them now, no joke- I NEED THIN LINES to function properly.
            • Never shove wet paint in your book. This sounds obvious but I am silly and do this anyway.
              • I still can't draw hair.                             
                (That last one wasn't really a discovery, I've known that for ages)

So most of my discoveries are media related, which goes to show that you shouldn't be afraid of trying things!

(Unless it's drugs. Don't try drugs.)

Things to make clear:

You might be wondering why I don't put my actual drawings on dA- it's 'cause I need to submit them all for my coursework.
I can't upload my actual finished coursework pieces, so here is some of my work... IN PROGRESS note: I have IT HAS BEEN FIXED... I think)
Sam 3532 by assasinated 
Untitled by assasinated Dan .. by assasinatedYay1 by assasinated

So I think this is an improvement considering that this hideous piece was produced around March last year for GCSE:
14 by assasinated (Warning, any eye issues caused by this piece are not my fault)

I haven't uploaded any photography I've been messing around with, 'cause that's a little more risky BUT I HAVE BEEN PLAYING AROUND WITH IT.

The only reason I have tons of random snapshots on dA is to let you all know I'm still alive xD


A lot has changed already in these past couple of months...
I've deliberately pushed myself out of my comfort zone to see how much I can achieve haha, some of these experience have been great and some of them absolutely terrifying BUT I've got through them :la:

  • Working as part of a team to run a charity event at school was kinda stressful but worth it in the end! I think we've raised over £2700 for our chosen charity, so that was kinda awesome. (apart from the fact that cleaning up stuff was disgusting and the internal bleeding in my left hand still hasn't gone away)
    •  I threw myself in a debate competition (which is hilarious because I don't have much experience) with some totally rad people from school, I think we did alright haha, we won one of our debates, came second in two (?) and lost one (that was the first one we did- tbh it was 'cause of me- I was so crap in the first one xD) The debating experience was really scary at first but by the end of the first debate I got comfortable with the idea of debating etc. plus I met a bunch of cool people from different ages/schools/backgrounds and now I feel like I am confident enough (maybe) to do it more haha. I've never really been a confident person but I've been trying to be in these past few years, so it was a good experience for me haha :la:
      • I have braces now. Removing four teeth was the worst part (no I'm not a shark), especially as dentist numero uno didn't administer the anaesthetic properly (thanks man) ... It's been about six days since I've got braces and it still feels like I have a cactus in my mouth but I'm getting used to it :boing:
        • So, I'm vice-house captain at school. This was probably one of the scariest processes I've had to go through, but it's so worth it in the end. I can't wait for our house to beat the crap out of the other houses (yeah, that's happening- BRING IT) :la: You can probably tell I'm really psyched about this :la: Lots of younger students have been coming up to me 'cause of it and saying hi, it's really cute haha.

These are a couple of the things I've been doing and they are not in chronological order or order of importance, because who actually has time for that- right?

There are so many scary decisions I have to make in the next few months about universities and life etc. and I'm really not sure about what I'm doing, I think I'll study English or History stuff, but I don't know yet, first I have to get super awesome grades in my exams!



OH, I achieved something too!

BkkN CBIAAAnSf5 by assasinated
I organised my history folder!
Now, I'm really disorganised so this is a massive achievement for me. It weighs like 8kg, that's how many stupid notes I've made okay.

Erm, I think I was supposed to say more stuff in this journal, BUT I can't quite remember what I was gonna say...
If I remember, I'll edit it in this space HERE:

This space here:

(EDIT 21:51 10/04/2014- I intend on being more active on dA)

Anyway, I hope y'all are okay- if you have any questions or just want to talk, message me or tweet me- my username is @ThilsanaGias


Mama duck, out.


  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: I finished Paper Towns, Not happy with the ending!
  • Watching: Adventure Time!
  • Playing: with your mind.
  • Eating: Nothing because of my braces lol
  • Drinking: Imaginary tea.


assasinated's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

How're you doing?

I've had dA for a while now and I can't even remember what I'm supposed to put in this section :')

I study art at A level in the United Kingdom :la: Being an art student is a little hard for me as I don't really know the technical stuff behind art, so it would be great if you guys gave me criticism! :onfire:

I love:
- Anime/Manga/Books/Graphic Novels (eg. Fisheye Placebo, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Ouran HSHC, The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Much Ado About Nothing etc. etc. I love everything)
- Tea *sobs* it's so beautiful

plus other things I can't be bothered to name

At GCSE I got an A in art (somehow), so I guess I'm not too bad but I don't upload my drawings because I can draw a lot better now than I could at the start of GCSE, so maybe when I have some time I can draw some extra stuff :3
At the moment there's only really photos and old really bad pre-GCSE deviations, I would delete them BUT I kinda feel like it's my history here as I've been a deviant for a while now haha :la: I mean, originally I got dA to talk to people- not just about art but common interests, current events etc. and cry over their epic work. I still want to meet as many deviants as possible so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me ;P

If you want to talk to me more, you can follow me on Twitter @ThilsanaGias
If you like Yuumei's work, you can join Llama-Crew which is the group I made for fans of Yuumei who wanted to stay in contact after the askTheArtist interview with her :la:
If you gave me a :llama: thank you very much! Tell me if you want one back because I always forget to check and give them back to people! (As awkward as that is :onfire:)

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