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Flaws by assasinated
Our Year 13 exam project title was 'Flaws, perfection, ideals and compromises' so naturally, I went for flaws because destruction is more exciting. And how do you draw a compromise? Why is that even an option?

This was the title page- instead of going all complex with flaws at the start, I decided to draw physical damage.
I used colouring pencils for this piece. If you're wondering why the colours are so intense, that's because I like drawing that way.
I also can't do anything delicately and apply to much pressure to the paper ALL THE TIME, so most of my work is dark/intense in colour.

I was reading Frankenstein, The Bloody Chamber and Macbeth at the time, which are all part of the gothic genre so I guess that's why Ed has been so violently mauled in this drawing.

Shoutout to Ed :onfire:

Instagram: Thilsana
Twitter: Thilsana

More drawings to come :boing:
Waste away by assasinated
Waste away
This was a part of my Year 13 Art coursework project- we could do it on anything we wanted, so my project was called 'DEFIANCE'.
In this project I attempted to bring tons of social and political issues to attention, so this drawing was the final piece.

I was in a real panic about what I should do for last piece (the last piece is supposed to be the most experimental one, like a grand farewell to the project :la:) and
as I had already used up tons of issues that I was passionate about for other pieces (e.g. freedom for the Palestinian people, defiance against environmental damage etc.)  therefore I couldn't think of something to draw, so I had to wait for inspiration to strike me.

I have used colouring pencils, promarkers, india ink, trash and metal in this piece. I basically ran around the art class collecting wrappers and stuff that people just had on them to glue on to this piece :onfire: (and as they were art students, they had a lot of trash on them) <3

The colouring was fun to do BUT THE GLUING WAS A PAINFUL AND TERRIBLE PROCESS because I used a hot glue gun for industrial work (didn't realise there were cool melt ones lolololol) so I obtained many burns and CUTTING UP THE METAL CANS RESULTED IN ME SHEDDING MY OWN BLOOD (as well as ripping my own clothes :boing:)

I felt like using REAL TRASH would help convey the meaning behind my piece in a far more effective way :la:


There was a huge build up to the general election at the time, so loads of news articles were coming out about how the Conservative Party in the UK (the current party in power) had caused the amount of food banks in the country to increase (this is a party of the 'economy' so they like to make everyone broke).

I guess you could say that this drawing is an external representation of my feelings towards all the content on poverty I had seen in the media and in person.

1) Supermarkets that have unsold food, bury it all in a landfill when it could be given to people who have nothing to eat.

2) There was a Channel 4 Documentary about kids in Britain living below the breadline which showed the lengths their carers had to go to provide food on the table (one case even involving prostitution). I also happened to be working with my house at school (I was a house captain) to collect items together to donate for a food bank as winter was approaching (we received many donations).

3) That poverty scene in Fisheye Placebo by Yuumei

4) I was especially inspired by a newspaper article that I read- it was about how much food we waste as a country despite the fact that so many people have to rely on food banks to eat. 

The statistic on the piece is a quote from the article (by The Independent newspaper)- "4 million tonnes of surplus food is wasted every year in the UK." But the article also talked about a man who called a radio station, basically crying because of the way he was living. It was so sad. This is the article:…

We waste so much, whilst there are people who cannot afford to eat. It's disgusting.

More drawings to come! :3

Instagram: Thilsana
Twitter: @Thilsana

I'll upload more drawings later, I'm tired of deleting things :la:
Ichigo Kurosaki by assasinated
Ichigo Kurosaki
Experiment with spray paint from a while ago.
Not serious art. I don't own this character, he belongs to Tite Kubo as you may well be aware.
Enjoy :la:

Instagram: Thilsana
Twitter: @Thilsana


assasinated's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
19, undergraduate in BA English.
Studied Fine Art until A2 level in the United Kingdom (Year 13)

I guess you could say that my style is a kind of hybrid between manga and traditional fine art.
I think it's because I started out doing art because of my interest in manga, which led me to study art at GCSE and A level. But because manga isn't fine art (because it's stylised) I also learnt fine art and the two sort of underwent one of those horrible science accidents that you might find in a superhero comic and thus my style was born.

I like mixing up media, because I feel like I can't work in one if I'm honest :la: But I mainly use colouring pencils, india ink, promarkers, biro and occasionally watercolours. I can take photos but my camera is literally only 16 megapixels haha. I aspire to work with digital media one day, but I've been saying that since I was 15 and I put it off every year :boing:

My favourite artists would probably be Banksy, Wenqing Yan (Yuumei), Minori, Van Gogh, Hong Yi (Red), Anthony Micallef and if we extend this to manga, Tite Kubo and Masashi Kishimoto.

When I remember what actually goes in this section, I'll write something else.

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